Zoo Careers


Zoos aren’t just filled with animals… they’re full of people too! Zoos are run by a combination of people from all backgrounds with many different skills. These people fill positions as zoo keepers, curators, educators, marketing, visitors’ service staff, maintenance workers, and even directors and board members! All of these people are an integral part of making a zoo run and contribute in their very own way.

In addition to our many off-site education programs, we are proud to offer our program in Zoo Careers! Zoo Careers at the Ross Park Zoo offers a peek into what really makes a zoo work. Our educators go through some of the major zoo jobs employees hold, and the responsibilities that come with them. For older groups, educators also cover ways to obtain these positions through college degrees, internships, and volunteer work! In addition to this presentation style program, an animal from the Ross Park Zoo education department may make a special appearance.

• Run time: 45 minutes
• Age range: K-12th grade

Contact the education department at (607) 724-5461 ext. 300 to book your program today.