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Donated Pets/Animals

At Ross Park Zoo, we adhere to strict guidelines and commitments, including Species Survival Plans (SSPs) and conservation initiatives. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept donated exotic pets or wildlife from individuals due to our focus on maintaining the genetic diversity and sustainability of endangered species as outlined in our conservation programs.

We recommend contacting local animal rescue organizations, wildlife rehabilitators, or appropriate authorities who specialize in the care and rehoming of exotic pets or wildlife. They may be better equipped to address your specific needs and provide the necessary assistance. 

Injured & Orphaned Wildlife

While Ross Park Zoo is unable to directly assist with wild animals in distress due to legal constraints on animal acceptance, we can offer guidance. We align with the DEC’s (Department of Environmental Conservation) principle of “If You Care, Leave It There.” However, recognizing the compassionate nature of animal lovers, we acknowledge that the desire to help is sometimes irresistible. If you suspect the animal in question is injured, distressed, or orphaned, we recommend contacting one of the Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators in the area. These dedicated individuals are committed to aiding wildlife in need. Below, you’ll find a list of resources for wildlife rehabilitators.

Find a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator:

New York State Rehabilitator Locator:

  • Select the county where you are located from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the type of animal that requires assistance (i.e. “Small Mammal,” “Raptors,” etc.) 
  • Click “Search” and you will find a list of relevant Rehabilitators and their contact information. 

Cornell University’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center:

607) 253-3060

Animal Help Now:

  • Type your location’s Zip Code in the search bar.
  • Click on “Wildlife Emergency: Assist injured, orphaned, distressed wildlife.”
  • Read the warning pop-up and click “OK.”
  • Click on one of the Rehabilitators that appear to get their contact information.

Cheryl Cox – (607) 321-5554 (small mammals)

Cynthia Daniel – (607) 754-3636 (small mammals)

Jen Pecka – (607) 206-3769 (small mammals, large mammals)

Denise Johnson – (315) 691-3510 (small mammals, large mammals)

George Chapman – (607) 349-7250 (small/large mammals, reptiles, game birds)

Barbara Cole – (315) 687-1584 (small/large mammals, reptiles/amphibians, passerine birds, game birds, waterfowl)

Denise Liske – (607) 339-6566 (small mammals, reptiles/amphibians, game birds)

Emily MacArthur – (607) 351-3930 (small mammals)

Victoria Campbell – (607) 200-4100 (rabies vector, small mammals, passerine birds, raptors, game birds, waterfowl)

Monica Weimer – (845) 800-4116 (rabies vector, small mammals, large mammals)

George Kollias – (315) 253-3060 (small/large mammals, reptiles/amphibians, passerine birds, raptors, game birds, waterfowl)

Cynthia Lange – (607) 255-7226 (rabies vector, small mammals)

Renee Staffeld – (917) 683-4790 (rabies vector, small mammals)

Christina Hatfield – (607) 533-4042 (small mammals, large mammals)

Melanie Merrill – (315) 209-4917 (large mammals)

Suzanne Scheuring – (607) 753-0652 (reptiles/amphibians)

Angela Colarusso – (570) 836-1851 (rabies vector, small mammals, large mammals, reptiles, amphibians)


• Rabies vector (bats, raccoons, and skunks)
• Small mammals (squirrel, fox, chipmunk, rabbit, etc.)
• Large mammals (deer, bear, moose)
• Reptiles/amphibians (turtle, snake, salamander, frog)
• Passerine bird (robin, bluebird, cardinal, wren, finch, etc.)
• Raptors (owl, falcon, eagle, hawk, osprey)
• Game birds (turkey, pheasant, grouse)
• Waterfowl (duck, goose, swan, brant)