Embracing Wildlife Preservation Together

Embracing Wildlife Preservation Together

Here at the Ross Park Zoo we are proud to be a KultureCity Sensory Inclusive Certified Venue!

Currently being the first and only certified venue in the Southern Tier, we are striving to set the tone for what inclusion and accessibility looks like in our area. As a part of our certification, we have sensory bags available in our gift shop for families to borrow during their visit! This bag is complete with noise canceling headphones, various types of fidget tools, and identification cards should guests choose to use them. As you walk around the Zoo you may notice some signage as well. This is to help indicate to families where the headphones may be useful due to potential loud noises as well as quiet zones to take some time to rest and calm down if need be. Furthermore, our staff has received training in order to accommodate those who may need additional assistance. We are dedicated to being an organization that everyone in our community and beyond can enjoy.

You may be wondering how this ties into conservation. Well, we believe that conservation is for everyone. Each one of us can make a difference and it will take everyone working together to make a change. Knowledge is for everyone, there should be no barriers to receive it. For some, it is not easy to just decide to visit and walk through the zoo. There is a level of preparation and expectation that needs to be set in order to have an enjoyable and informative experience. By creating and facilitating an inclusive environment not only will all guests have a wonderful visit to the zoo but it opens the door to learn more. A welcoming and comfortable environment amplifies curiosity.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” – Margaret Fuller

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