Heartfelt Choices: Navigating the Palm Oil Dilemma This Valentine’s Day

Heartfelt Choices: Navigating the Palm Oil Dilemma This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s day is just a few days away, one of the biggest days for chocolate and candy companies, it is one of the biggest days where you can make a difference!

Many tropical species are threatened from habitat loss due to unsustainable palm oil production. Species like Golden Lion Tamarins rely on forest habitat for shelter and food. When these forests are converted to palm fields the remaining habitat is degraded and fragmented. We can help by buying materials from sustainably sourced palm oil to protect her vital forest habitat from conversion to agriculture. Land that is already degraded and best suited for agricultural uses is converted for sustainable palm oil production and allows ecosystems to stay intact. The forests of Bahia, Brazil, where these tamarins are native to, have been reduced to 2% of their original span. The ecosystems and species in them are all connected!

Here are just a few brands and candy items that are Palm Oil free!

Becoming conscious of palm oil products doesn’t have to just revolve around Valentine’s day but it is something that you can take with you in your day to day life. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) partnered with the Aukland, Chester, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoos to create an app for mobile devices, such as cell phones, to enable us consumers to make more positive choices about the products we buy, by quickly checking to see if products are palm oil friendly and if their parent company is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This app is incredibly easy to use and can help make a big difference by informing you about various consumer products. The app can be found by searching “PalmOil Scan” on your device. This is the perfect way to stay informed and put your best foot forward toward palm oil conservation efforts.

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