March 27, 2014 – As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. The Binghamton Zoo is happy to announce the birth of twin Shetland sheep. The pair were born on Monday, March 24th to father, Bane and mother, Robin. Mother and both lambs are doing well.

Shetland sheep are domestic and can be found in many regions; however they are considered a British breed. The Shetland’s roots go back over a thousand years, back to sheep brought to the Shetland Islands of Scotland by Viking settlers.

Shetland Sheep are very social and live in flocks. They are one of the smallest breeds of British sheep, and are calm, docile, and easy to manage. They naturally adapt to their surroundings and maintain hardiness, thriftiness, easy lambing, and longevity. They are able to live in harsh climates that are hilly, wet, and windy.

Shetland Sheep are known for their fine, soft, and strong wool. Fleeces range from two to four pounds and vary in texture. Eleven colors and thirty color patterns are recognized in this specific breed.