Scout Programs

General Programs

The Ross Park Zoo offers numerous programs to scouts of all ages, and which serve to enrich the scouting experience of our youth – and to help them advance! These programs are offered throughout the year and can be booked by scout groups for any day of the week.

(Cub Scouts, Webelos, Daisies, Brownies & Juniors)

2 hours (DAY—SEASONAL ONLY) – $11.50 per scout, $9.50 per extra adult/sibling

• This program includes a guided tour for scouts, with some added bonuses! Scouts will also be able to feed the goats, interact with one of our education animals and take home an animal craft.
• Addresses certain aspects of the Naturalist pin and 3 Cheers for Animals journey.

(All levels/ages)

1 hour (DAY) – $9 per scout, $7 per extra adult/sibling

• From how they eat to what they eat, the digestive systems of animals are very different from ours. Through discussions about carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and insectivores, scout will learn what different animals eat, and then observe or even feed one of our education animals!
• Addresses certain aspects of the Nature merit badge, Get Moving! journey, Wildlife Conservation loop & pin and Naturalist pin.

(All levels/ages)

2 hours (DAY—SEASONAL ONLY) – $5.50 per scout and $3.50 per extra adult/sibling

• Help keep our earth clean, one zoo at a time. Scouts will get a walking tour of the zoo, with the addition of trash bags and gloves, and clean up the zoo grounds on the way!
• Counts as service hours and addresses certain aspects of the Take Action Key for Brownies, the Wildlife Conservation and Naturalist pins and the Conservation Good Turn for Cub Scouts.

(Girl Scouts Juniors and older, Webelos and Boy Scouts)

2 hours (MORNING, 8:30-10:30 AM) – $11.50 per scout, $9.50 per extra adult/sibling

• Ornithology is the study of birds, and the zoo is the perfect place for an aspiring ornithologist to get started! Binoculars will be provided for the duration of the program, and with the help of the Binghamton Zoo Birding Booklet, scouts will be able to identify some of the native birds in our area, as well as those on exhibit in our zoo.
• Addresses certain aspects of Second Class rank, the Birding and Nature merit badges, the Naturalist Webelos pin, Breathe journey and Animal Habitats badge.

(All levels/ages)

1 hour (DAY OR EVENING) – $9 per scout and $7 per extra adult/sibling

• Scouts will take a close look at the live bugs we have here at the zoo and will learn about bugs, their biology and their role in the ecosystem. They’ll also learn about cultures that regularly eat insects and can even eat a chocolate covered cricket themselves!
• Addresses certain aspects of the Insect Study merit badge and Bugs legacy badge.

(All levels/ages)

1 hour (DAY) – $9 per scout and $7 per extra adult/sibling

• There are many different jobs in a zoo environment. Come learn about the different departments, jobs, and responsibilities in a zoo and how you could get on the path to working in a zoo!
• Addresses certain aspects of the Environmental Science merit badge, the 3 Cheers for Animals journey, Voice for Animals badge and Wildlife Conservation pin.

Scout Days

In addition to programs for individual troops, we also offer scout days for BSA and Girl Scouts! Look for these annual events listed on our upcoming events page.

Eagle & Gold Scouts

The zoo is the perfect place for a project to advance on your path to becoming an Eagle or Gold Scout and help out your community! There are many options available, so contact the education department at (607) 724-5461 ext. 235 to find one that works for you.

Program Registration

Please call the Ross Park Zoo education department at (607) 724-5461 ext. 235 to book your scout program or for more information.

All scout programs require a minimum of 10 participants

• Scout leaders pay the adult/sibling price
• At least 2 weeks advance notice is required to book any programs other than the Scout Days.