The Face Behind the Blog

The Face Behind the Blog

It only seems fitting that you get to meet the person behind this new platform 🙂 Hi everyone, my name is Olivia and I am the Conservation & Education Manager at the Ross Park Zoo! I am so excited to be bringing this new platform to life and sharing the world of conservation with you all!

For many who grew up in the area, Ross Park Zoo has been a staple of their childhood. My parents always loved bringing me to zoo because I was totally content hanging with the goats all day. You can say animals have captured my heart every since the beginning!

My professional journey actually started here at the Ross Park Zoo back in 2015. I became a Junior Docent and it cemented my drive to make a difference in the conservation community. I was able to connect with guests daily and see their growing empathy and passion for the world. With that spark I went on to get my degree in Zoo Science along with my Masters in Business Administration from Delaware Valley University, eventually bringing me back here to the Ross Park Zoo. In my current role, my aim is to drive the initiative of seamlessly integrating conservation efforts into the educational visitor experience, with a primary goal of both inspiring and educating guests about the importance of wildlife conservation. Most recently, I was blessed to be able to simultaneously take part in a five month long internship in South Africa with the African Elephant Research Unit (AERU), learning and gaining practical knowledge on conducting research and reinforcing conservation initiatives.

My Junior Docent Days

Ross Park Zoo has made a difference in my life from a young age and I’m elated that I am now a part of this organization with such a rich history as we work together to continue shaping the future of zoological knowledge. It is our mission to promote awareness and stewardship of our natural world, in our community and globally, through education, conservation, and community engagement. So I encourage you to join us here at the zoo, whether it be your 1st or your 30th time. We are forever adapting and putting our best foot forward for families to create special memories and learn something new just as they did almost 150 years ago.

Continue to check in with us every week as we learn more about the conservation world and get to meet some of my colleagues along the way and the amazing work that they do!

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