Wild About Wellness: Empowering Recovery through Fitness

Applications Closed: Group Fitness Instructor Training

Embark on a transformative journey with the Wild About Wellness Group Fitness Instructor Program!

The Wild About Wellness Group Fitness Instructor Program, made possible through funding from a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission and coordinated by Ross Park Zoo and partners, is designed to empower community members to become Group Fitness Instructors. The program prioritizes physical and mental well-being, providing avenues for personal growth and enhanced overall wellness. By becoming certified fitness instructors, individuals discover purpose and fulfillment in guiding others on their fitness journeys. The program facilitates community connections and offers career development opportunities, including job placement assistance. Through a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, participants acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for effective group fitness instruction. Upon completion, they receive certification as Group Fitness Instructors from the American Council on Exercise, increasing their employability and career prospects.

  • Class Sessions: Eight in-person classes held on Saturdays at the Upper Pavilion at Ross Park, offering a convenient and enriching learning environment.
  • Supplementary Training: CPR/AED training conducted outside the regular classes, providing essential life-saving skills.
  • Community Engagement: Attend five additional group fitness classes, further enhancing your practical experience.

Classes take place at the Upper Pavilion at Ross Park, 60 Morgan Road, Binghamton, NY 13903. 

  • Apply Online: Interested individuals can apply online by March 17, 2024. We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, including those in recovery from substance use disorders.
  • Interview Process: Selected candidates will undergo a phone/video interview to discuss their goals and suitability for the program. We value each applicant’s unique journey and are committed to supporting their growth and development.
  • Payment: The program is free, however to secure a spot in the program, selected candidates are required to submit a $50 refundable deposit by March 23, 2024.

Our Partners

Chenango Point Cycles: This local business is our go-to for mountain biking experiences. They are dedicated to connecting our participants with the natural beauty of our local trails, promoting physical wellness and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Cornell Cooperative Extension: They play a crucial role in providing venues for our wellness activities. Their beautiful Cutler Botanical Garden is the perfect outdoor space where our participants can enjoy wellness classes while being surrounded by nature.

Organic Yoga & Wellness: This wellness center helps us incorporate the calming and invigorating practice of yoga into our wellness program. They are committed to bringing the benefits of yoga into the natural setting, enhancing the holistic wellness experience for our participants.

Synergy Athletics: As a leading fitness center, Synergy Athletics is our key partner in promoting functional fitness within the Wild About Wellness initiative. They are eager to support our community’s journey towards health and wellbeing, demonstrating their commitment through their active participation.

Waterman Conservation Center: This conservation center is dedicated to sharing the beauty of their preserves with our participants. They foster an appreciation for nature while promoting wellness, enhancing the connection between nature and personal health.

Binghamton University Health & Wellness Studies: This educational institution is our partner in providing a platform for individuals to develop valuable career skills through our Group Fitness Instructor training program. They are enthusiastic about promoting community wellness and are instrumental in preparing our participants to become certified group fitness instructors.

These partnerships reinforce the strength of our community and our shared commitment to enhancing the wellness of the Greater Binghamton area.