Welcome to Wild About Wellness

Welcome to Wild About Wellness, a unique wellness initiative that promotes fitness and employment training right in the heart of the Southern Tier. We leverage the natural beauty of the Greater Binghamton area to offer a range of activities including mountain biking, yoga, functional fitness, and wellness classes throughout Broome and Tioga Counties.

Outdoor Community Classes

Our mission at Wild About Wellness is to increase physical wellness while promoting appreciation and conservation of the region’s natural landscapes. To that end, we are offering a range of outdoor fitness classes during the summer/fall 2023. 

Become a Group Fitness Instructor (Current round closed)

Part of the mission of Wild About Wellness is to promote not only physical wellness but also workforce training. In partnership with Binghamton University’s Health and Wellness Studies Department and the American Council on Exercise (ACE), we’re providing an 8-week Group Fitness Instructor training free of charged to individuals with a passion for wellness. These individuals will receive training to become certified group fitness instructors, empowering them to create a meaningful impact on community health and wellness.Graduates of our program will have opportunities to find employment with Synergy Athletics or even launch their own businesses with the support of SUNY Broome’s Entrepreneurial Assistance Center. 


Current round closed – stay tuned here for announcements on the next round in Spring 2024.

Our Partners

Chenango Point Cycles: This local business is our go-to for mountain biking experiences. They are dedicated to connecting our participants with the natural beauty of our local trails, promoting physical wellness and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Cornell Cooperative Extension: They play a crucial role in providing venues for our wellness activities. Their beautiful Cutler Botanical Garden is the perfect outdoor space where our participants can enjoy wellness classes while being surrounded by nature.

Organic Yoga & Wellness: This wellness center helps us incorporate the calming and invigorating practice of yoga into our wellness program. They are committed to bringing the benefits of yoga into the natural setting, enhancing the holistic wellness experience for our participants.

Synergy Athletics: As a leading fitness center, Synergy Athletics is our key partner in promoting functional fitness within the Wild About Wellness initiative. They are eager to support our community’s journey towards health and wellbeing, demonstrating their commitment through their active participation.

Waterman Conservation Center: This conservation center is dedicated to sharing the beauty of their preserves with our participants. They foster an appreciation for nature while promoting wellness, enhancing the connection between nature and personal health.

Binghamton University Health & Wellness Studies: This educational institution is our partner in providing a platform for individuals to develop valuable career skills through our Group Fitness Instructor training program. They are enthusiastic about promoting community wellness and are instrumental in preparing our participants to become certified group fitness instructors.

These partnerships reinforce the strength of our community and our shared commitment to enhancing the wellness of the Greater Binghamton area.