Wildly Loved: Celebrating National Zoo Lovers Day

Wildly Loved: Celebrating National Zoo Lovers Day

Like many of you following the Ross Park Zoo, I am a huge advocate for zoos and the important work that they do! That’s why I am thrilled to commemorate National Zoo Lovers Day on April 8th. Because it is people like you who make what we do possible.

Having been established for almost 150 years, there are so many families far and wide that have come and experienced the Ross Park Zoo since its establishment in 1875. As for myself, I have been coming to the zoo ever since I was a baby. It is one of my favorite past times especially when I am traveling. I usually always add a day in the itinerary to visit a local zoo. One of my all time favorites being the Cap May County Zoo in Cape May, New Jersey. I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area!

As a part of our Conservation and Education Plan we focus on two of the biggest threats to species today, habitat destruction and wildlife trafficking. Many of the animals in our care are here due to these factors like Calliope, our Fennec Fox.

Calliope is our Wildlife trafficking ambassador. She came to the zoo after being rescued from an unsafe environment. As a result of conditions in her previous environment, Calliope has one eye. Since arriving at the zoo, Calliope has adjusted well and is able to help us educate our visitors about wildlife trafficking which is a primary threat to fennec foxes in the wild. Like many other species such as our Red Pandas, Howler Monkeys, Tortoises, and countless others, they are being plucked out of their natural environment for commercial gain ultimately resulting in the disbalance of their ecosystem along with other factors causing it to crumble.

But we are not in it alone! Though we contribute our own care and programming to bring awareness to these issues, zoos all over the world band together and work together to share information and knowledge through collaborative efforts because we are stronger together! So by treating National Zoo Lovers Day like it is every day by visiting your local zoo no matter where you are, you are supporting the important work that will change the world!

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